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Милла Йовович » Материалы за Январь 2012 года
Don't Fade Away
Hello sunshine
Please don't fade away
See our genius
Warp what we created
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I'm locked in a box
With a window and a clock
Sometimes I can't sleep
I watch the second hand feeding
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Bang Your Head
Hey little devil that dwells inside
this angel's body, this angel's mind
he said "all I need is Jesus to fly"
take a little peak through that head of hair
I know somewhere there are eyes in there
trying to hide a heart that's shining, so bright
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Ruby Lane
Welcome down to Ruby Lane
Take your pick, sir
We're all the same
The sky is my one direction
The earth is my bed
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Now, be free
the sky must have fallen
when I couldn't see
your life's weak strain
I take a step back
and you've fallen again
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Reaching From Nowhere
How can I be telling you my thoughts my love
When even I don't know what I'm thinking
How can I explain the way your eyes
Burn into my mind, my love
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It's Your Life
We had this dream
locked behind these wicked thoughts
you and I
we felt pain
passed from him, to me, to you
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Gentleman Who Fell
Reaching over
life to life
feeling sugared skin
my poor baby
kissed him so
to ashamed to lift his chin
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The Alien Song (for those who listen)
I see a shining....
A sweeping from the clouds
A glimmer of hope
is coming to feel our light
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