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Gentleman Who Fell
Reaching over
life to life
feeling sugared skin
my poor baby
kissed him so
to ashamed to lift his chin

a voice is speaking
he's the prophet
blinded by the light
a heart is breaking
I can hear it
dropped when gone beyond my sight

hey there, Mr. Talk Too Much
what's in store for us now?

I don't know how to speak to you
I don't know how to trust you
I don't kow how to live for you
I don't know how to love you
the gentleman who fell before the court

I feel your closeness
like a shotgun
a chill within my soul
I touch your finger
know your darkness
your passion takes its' toll

can't see that this talk is cheap
let the suffering go

Repeat First Chorus
Repeat First B Section
Repeat Chorus


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