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Looking For Room
oh jesus don't stare
go to the store
and buy you some air
buy a six pack of air
and bring it back home to you
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Take Me To Mars
june bugs

large windows
look inside
checkin people
checkin in
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Diving Up
we're released
like fireworks
streaking out in great bright lines
diving up
into the sky
reach out and crush us night
recieve us
recieve us with honor
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Calm Water
i feel akin to
a window
feel your face is
slamming thru
your eyes
i smash in little pieces
talking toy our picture
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There Ain't No God For Dogs
I'm a good old dog
Runnin' down the road
Barkin' at the moon
Runnin' Wild
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this morning to you
all night i flew
here i go...
open the floor
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Holy Fall
brace myself
space myself
throw myself from the window
throw myself from an aerial view
of the highest
a holy fall
it was a holy fall...
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Breathing In Your Sleep
timing ain't holding up
but my world is blowin up
you make me feel so fine
now you're surprised that i ain't ordinary
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Fall Too Soon
another crystal grin
to make up for the dark skies
put on my best dress so the mess
won't touch my little insides
did you think i'd still be greener
than the weed inside your glass pipe?
greener than the vomit on your shirt
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Beat On Ice
i see you breaking up in water
sinking to the bottom
watching reruns of my dreams
we fade away tonight
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