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Милла Йовович » Материалы за Январь 2012 года
Oh pretty creature
From what door did you arrive?
Oh what madness will you drive me to?
Let me kiss your hand
And send you back smaller then sand
Swimming in your black mind
You often take me off inside my head
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Aggravated Rose
My aggravated rose
Is a thorn in her nose
Her scratches on my face
Where is your white horse?
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Be My Friend
Слова взяты из послания к нации президента Кеннеди

If you, with you, with you

You I light the sky with brush bright
Shake a little now
This candy tree needs a shaking
So bring all your coocoos and clouds
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Strange Behavior
She's gonna go over to him
Say that it's over with him
She knows that their love will never win
Say that it's over with him
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Precious Time
Mother I'd like to stay and talk for a minute
You see I'm a lady now
Somehow we're seeing eye to eye
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And you'd never know, falling
How well the wind blows
But you never feel it
When you're falling
Cause when you're falling
You're not free
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Come As You Like
Come as you like
Bearing smiles or screams or backdoor dreams babe
as you like
Come as you like
Smoking fools and pipes or making faces
as you like
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Can You Bend Your Back Like This?
In my reckless lifelong rambling
I saw a man break one day
Such a saint, he only lived on paint
He only spoke in prose
Gave his life to save his soul
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You Did it All Before
No I haven't seen the flowers yet
From the broken seeds I'd planted
But the ground is still too red
From the wickedness you did
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